1. Our deep learning system for detection of smoke from fire tower cameras is getting better and better and I have two great students perfecting it now;
  2. our US patent has had many claims allowed (including UAV-mediated fire management!!);
  3. we have new FUEGANs Drs. Chaincy Kuo and Dan Feldman from LBNL now eagerly making great contributions,
  4. we testified before the Natural Resources sub-committee of the California State Assembly with CalFire leaders present; We should hyper-link in our testimony (I will see if Larry Grundhouser will let us use his verbiage)
  5. we are endeavoring to fund raise for monitoring of fires in San Diego County and the Big Sure region for this coming fire season, and
  6. we have collaborated and written proposals together with some of the world’s leading fire simulation folks — Jan Mandel and Adam Kochanski — and look forward to working with them soon (need permission, and maybe we can put Jan and Adam’s pictures on our page!!);
  7.  some new private funding opportunities are evolving   that I hope we will  hear good news on soon.