May 27, 2015

Workshop 2013

Morning Session 1 Overviews

9:00 am Introduction – Welcome, 30-second introductions of Group, Goals, Outcomes (Carl Pennypacker)
9:30 am UC’s Capailities for Partnerships (Eric Giegerich, Michelle Moskowitz, Kathleen McCowin)
9:45 am The Fire Problem (Scott Stephens)
10:15 am Overview of some current UC Results and Algorithms (Maggi Kelly)
10:30 am GOES and Fires (Chris Schmidt, University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Morning Session 2 Technical Opportunities

11:10 am System Ideas (Mike Lampton)
11:25 am Geostationary Platform (Mark Blair)
11:40 am Unmanned Aerial Sytems: Boeing Phantom Eye (Larry Grundhauser)
12:10 pm Lunch Break and Networking

Afternoon Roundtable 1 – Mike Lampton Chair

1:10 pm Fire-Retardent Bomber System (William Derr)
1:20 pm Prescribed Burns
1:40 pm Drone System
2:00 pm Satellite
2:20 pm Existing Data Sets – GOES, Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS), CHIRP

Afternoon Roundtable 2

2:40 pm Commercialization Models Roundtable
3:10 pm Cost / Benefit Discussion
3:30 pm Government Linkages Case
3:50 pm Public-Private Partnership Roundtable
4:50 pm Wrap Up / Next Steps