May 27, 2015

Workshop 2014

Session 1: The Big Picture

09:00 AM Welcome and Introductions
09:30  AM Overview: Progress on FUEGO and Short Review of Aerial Tanker Conference (Carl Pennypacker UCB-LBNL)
10:00 AM Overview of Fire Fighting (Bob Roth, USFS)
10:45 AM Coffee

Session 2:  Fire Detections, Alerts,  Response, and Predictive Systems ( working lunch)

11:00 AM Lessons from the GOES Satellite Algorithms, Response, and Alerts (Chris Schmidt, UWis)
11:45 AM CHIRP Satellite Review, Fire Results and Algorithms (Tom Coate, USAF)
12:30 AM Progress in Fire Modeling (Mark Finney, US Forest Service)

Session 3:  A Proto-type UAV System over LA and Surrounding National Forests

01:30 PM Optics, detectors, signal strengths for a UAV FUEGO at 65,000 feet (Mike Lampton, UCB-LBNL)
02:15 PM Progress in HgCdTel Detectors in Australia – Space and UAV Worthiness (Roger Franzen, CSIRO)
02:45 PM Review of Characteristic and Performance of Boeing Phantom Eye and Other UAV’s (Donn Walklet)
03:15 PM Coffee and discussion: Round Table on Planning LA and Surrounding Natural Forests System

Session 4:  Ways Forward

03:45 PM Cost Savings of Hosted Payloads: Four examples (Mark Blair, Optus)
04:15 PM Dealing with Various Federal, State, and Local Agencies and Private Industry (Michelle Moskowitz, Eric Griegerich, David Trinkle)
04:45 PM Steps Forward: Roundtable discussion
05:15 PM Adjourn