May 27, 2015

Workshop 2015

Day 1 : Understanding Issues of Wildland Fires and Partners’ Capabilities

12:00 PM Lunch (collect badges first in Little Perseverance Hall)
01:00 PM Welcome and introduction and LBNL Safety Briefing (Carl Pennypacker, Jesper Ditlev)
01:20 PM DBI: Current issues and experience in a EU context (Jesper Ditlev)
01:40 PM FUEGO: Experience and UC Context, partners, backgrounds, takeholders needs and technologies (Carl Pennypacker)
02:00 PM The Economic Implications and Business Potential of Fires (Whitney Hischier)
02:30 PM IPIRA: Precedents, Guidance, and Expectations for the Model for the FUEGO Club (Eric Geigerich, Kate Lewis)
03:00 PM Break (bring coffee back to room, probably..sorry)
03:15 PM GIS Issues as Pre-cursors for FUEGO (Maggie Kelly)
03:45 PM A Large Picture of Wildland Fires (Scott Stephens)
04:15 PM Recent Developments in Forest Mapping (Bill Kruse)
05:00 PM CA Air National Guard RC-26 capabilities
05:10 PM Group Discussion: Potential technologies

  • Video/pictures (recording, optimization, analysis, pattern recognition)
  • IT (big data, machine learning, AI)
  • Big Incidences
  • Communication
06:30 PM Dinner

Day 2 : Applications

09:00 AM Morning Check-in (Carl Pennypacker, Jesper Ditlev)
09:15 AM WiFIRE Project at Univ. of California San Diego (Ilkay Altintas)
09:45 AM UVA Center of excellence (Michele Moskowitz)
10:05 AM UAV UC Merced (YangQuan Chen)
10:25 AM The Economic Implications and Business, Potential of Fires (Whitney Hischier)
10:55 AM Break
11:10 AM FUEGO technologies development and potential applications (based on Hass­‐students analysis):

  • Crowd management
  • Disaster management
  • Fire investigation
  • Urban security
  • IT forensics
  • Counterfeit
  • Inspection
  • Video surveillance in building
  • Emergency evacuation
12:50 PM Working Lunch
01:35 PM Foundation Fundraising Strategy (Kara Mitzel)
01:55 PM Developing a sustainable Business together

  • Development of scenarios of potential collaboration and cooperation
  • More input on business models – the value chain
  • What would it take for us to move to a point where a possible collaboration
    could raise to the level where a VC might fund us
  • Business opportunities in EU
03:55 PM Summary and wrap up
04:20 PM Meeting End