April 10 2014 Meeting

On April 10th, 2014 FUEGO held a conference on its long term goals, satellite fire detection, fire modeling. Also covered is the potential use of UAVs in FUEGO, fire detection, and fire suppression.

Below is the itinerary of the meeting. Links to presentations are made available where possible.

Session 1: The Big Picture

  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Overview: Progress on FUEGO and Short Review of Aerial Tanker Conference; Carlton Pennypacker (UCB-LBNL)
  • Overview of Fire Fighting; Bob Roth (USFS)

Session 2:  Fire Detections, Alerts,  Response, and Predictive Systems ( working lunch)

  • Lessons from the GOES Satellite: Algorithms, Response, and Alerts; Chris Schmidt (University of Wisconsin)
  • CHIRP Satellite Review, Fire Results and Algorithms; Tom Coate (USAF)
  • Progress in Fire Modeling; Mark Finney (US Forest Service)

Session 3:  A Proto-type UAV System over LA and Surrounding National Forests

  • Optics, detectors, signal strengths for a UAV FUEGO at 65,000 feet; Mike Lampton (UCB-LBNL)
  • Progress in HgCdTel Detectors in Australia – Space and UAV Worthiness; Roger Franssen (CSIRO)
  • Review of Characteristic and Performance of Boeing Phantom Eye and Other UAV’s; Donn Walklet
  • Round Table on LA and Surrounding Natural Forests System

Session 4:  Ways Forward

  • Cost Savings of Hosted Payloads: Four examples  Mark Blair, Optus
  • Dealing with Various Federal, State, and Local Agencies and Private Industry; Michelle Moskowitz, Eric Griegerich, David Trinkle
  • Steps Forward: Round table discussion