Carl Pennypacker

Taken by Roy Kaltschmidt / LBNL

Affiliations: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, University of California Berkeley, FUEGO

Bio: Dr. Pennypacker has spent much of his career as a research astrophysicist and educator, receiving his Ph.D. from Harvard in 1978. His principal research was studying supernovae and building techniques for their automated discovery. With Rich Muller, he co-founded the Berkeley Supernova Search, which later became the Supernova Cosmology Project. He shared the 2007 Gruber Prize in Cosmology and the 2015 Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics for the Supernova Cosmology Project’s discovery that the expansion of the universe is accelerating.His principal interests and skills are developing systems for automated imaging and data reduction leading to the discovery of significant signals. This involves a combination of inter-discplinary fields, including sensor development and deployment, automated telescopse or other platforms, pipelined and efficient data reducation and analysis, and finally robust detection of small signals among a cluttered background, with sufficient background rejection so the system is usable. After honing his skills on astrophysically interesting objects, he now wants to put such skills to the more immediate well-being of society by helping to reduce the danger from wildland fires faced by a warming world

Talks: Overview of FUEGO

Publications: See Publications