Carlos Fernandez-Pello

Affiliations: UC Berkeley


Talks: Wildland Fire Spot Ignition By Sparks and Firebrands


Review paper on wildfire spot ignition

C. Fernandez-Pello “Wildland Fire Spot Ignition by Sparks and Firebrands” Fire Safety Journal, 91, p. 2-110 (2017). Int. Ass. of Fire Safety Science Howard Emmons Plenary Lecture.

An article that compares the smolder ignition characteristics of several metals

J.L. Urban, C.D. Zak, J. Song and C. Fernandez-Pello” Smolder Spot Ignition of Natural Fuels by a Hot Metal Particle” Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, V. 36, 3211-3218, (2016)

An article that compares the flaming ignition of different fuel beds (smoldering occurs at a lower temperature)

J. L. Urban, C.D. Zak, and C. Fernandez-Pello “The Effect of Fuel Bed Composition on the Spot Fire Ignition of Natural Fuels by Hot Aluminum Particles” Fire Technology,, (2018)

An article of the effect of fuel moisture on the smolder ignition of sawdust by embers of different sizes

. J. L. Urban, J. Song, S. Santamaria, C. Fernandez-Pello “Ignition of a Spot Smolder in a Moist Fuel Bed by an Ember” Fire Safety J. (submitted) 2018
An book chapter on “wildland ignition” for an Encyclopedia on Wildland Fires.

J. L. Urban and A.C. Fernandez-Pello, “Ignition” Encyclopedia of Wildfires and Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI) Fires, Manzello, S (Eds) Springer, (2018)