Daniel Feldman

Image: Daniel Feldman
Earth and Environmental Sciences

Affiliations: EESA


(1) Radiative transfer modeling and software development for atmospheric and land modeling including (1) full-physics solutions on novel hardware systems and (2) improved parameterizations that incorporate known physics with computational efficiency.

(2) Active and passive remote sensing instrument development from concept to deployment through the use of massively parallelized Observing System Simulation Experiments.

(3) Combining satellite and ground-based remote sensing with in situ observations to quantify the impacts of aerosols and greenhouse gases on the local, regional, and global distribution of atmospheric radiant energy.

Talks: Satellite Remote Sensing of Active Fires: Capabilities, Challenges, and Opportunities


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Homepage: https://eesa.lbl.gov/profiles/daniel-feldman/

Email: drfeldman@lbl.gov