October 16 2018 Meeting

Below is list of the Speakers, the titles of there talks, and a link to their talks if available. The speaker’s name links to a member page with additional information.

Speaker (Affiliation), Email


Kinshuk Govil (FUEGO), kinshuk@gmail.com

Smoke Detection

Emily Watson (NASA, LLNL), emily.l.wilson@nasa.gov

The Goddard/LLNL Cube Sat System

Tim Ball (Fireball, FUEGO), tim@fireballit.com

Intelligence in Fire Management

Carl Pennypacker (LBNL, FUEGO), crpennypacker@lbl.gov

Overview of FUEGO

Tarek Zohdi (UC Berkeley, Fire Research Group), zohdi@berkeley.edu

Fire Research Group Overview

Daniel Feldman (LBNL), drfeldman@lbl.gov

Satellite Remote Sensing of Active Fires: Capabilities, Challenges, and Opportunities

Khalid Mosalam (UC Berkeley), mosalam@berkeley.edu

Amarnath Kasalanati (UC Berkeley), amarnath1@berkeley.edu

Fire Following Earthquakes

Mark Mueller (UC Berkeley), mwm@berkeley.edu

Lab overview: Autonomy in Flight

Micheal Frenklach (UC Berkeley), myf@me.berkeley.edu

Combustion Model Development

Simo Marikarju (UC Berkeley), makiharju@berkeley.edu

Kousil Sreenath (UC Berkeley), koushils@berkeley.edu

Legged and Aerial Robotics for Fire Response

Hannah Stuart (UC Berkeley), hstuart@berkeley.edu

Michelle Newcomer (LBNL), mnewcomer@lbl.gov

Advanced Simulation Capabilities to Assess Pre-and-Pro Fire Water Quality and Surface Water-Groundwater Interactions

Sebastien Biraud (LBNL), scbiraud@lbl.gov

Philip Colella (LBNL), pcolella@lbl.gov

Kai Vetter (LBNL), kvetter@lbl.gov

Mapping (Nuclear) Radiation from Aerial Platforms in 3D

Hans Johansen (LBNL), hjohansen@lbl.gov

Adaptive Mesh Refinement

Wayne Lee Delker (UC Berkeley), wdelker@berkeley.edu

Master of Engineering Program

Jan Mandel (University of Colorado Denver), Jan.Mandel@ucdenver.edu

Fire Simulation

Mike Lampton (LBNL, FUEGO), mlampton@berkeley.edu

Signal to Noise and Sensors at Several Altitudes (A spreadsheet is available here as well)

Chris Schmidt

GOES and Detecting Fires

Chris Moeckel (SSL), chris.moeckel@berkeley.edu

Introduction to the SSL Cube Sats

Vincent Riot (LLNL), riot1@llnl.gov

LLNL CubeSat Bus (This talk is unavailable, but a news report and paper summarize it well (another one))

Carlos Fernandez-Pello (UC Berkeley), ferpello@me.berkeley.edu

Wildland Fire Spot Ignition By Sparks and Firebrands

Jennifer Holm (EESA, LBNL), jaholm@lbl.gov

Using fine-scale demographic and dynamic vegetation modeling to capture changes in fuel loads