Ed Wishnow

Ed Wishnow (PhD physics, University of British Columbia 1993) is an experimental physicist who develops instrumentation for astronomy. These instruments include spectrometers, interferometers, and IR cameras that look up from ground based telescopes, and look down from a stratospheric balloon. These various instruments span the wavelength regions from the UV to the far-infrared. Of note is a visible imaging Fourier transform spectrometer that was fielded at the Lick, Apache Point, and Palomar observatories. He participated in the development and use of the Infrared Spatial Interferometer (ISI), a three-telescope array at Mt. Wilson that was founded by Charles Townes. The ISI is the world’s highest frequency radio telescope interferometer operating at 27 THz (11 microns wavelength). He participated recently in the development of the Keck Planet Finder, a very high resolution echelle spectrometer for the Keck telescope.